Together, we can change the world

Learn the practice that makes the world a more equal place one question and one decision at a time!

The Equity Sequence™ is an evidence-based practice designed to help you immediately contribute to making more equitable decisions, wherever you work, learn and play.

It uses a practical and data-driven framework that equips you to weave equity and inclusion into everyday life and work.

All registrants have access to the Equity Sequence™ Community and Level 1. Paid registrants have access to the whole Equity Sequence™ course.

The course includes a primer on bias and inequality, an introduction to the Equity Sequence™ questions, and then you practice the questions on real-world, relevant case studies, before you have the opportunity to apply the Equity Sequence™ to something you're working on already.

The program is designed to make change from day one and, like any skill or practice, is something you become better at over time. You bring to the process a curiosity and a willingness to apply the Sequence, and you - along with others who practice it - begin creating more equity and inclusion, one question and one decision at a time.

We created the Equity Sequence™ so you don’t need a leader to give their permission or award you a budget to begin creating more equity. You don’t need to wait fora mandate or enough expertise or the right kind of language. 

You can learn how powerful simple, carefully crafted questions can be in the hands of those who observe or experience inequity and care enough to do something about it.


With your registration, you will have FREE access to:

  • the Equity Sequence™ Community where people from all over are learning and practicing the Equity Sequence™️ and sharing their insight and inspiration.
  • Level 1

Beyond the free access, paid members have access to:

  • the full Equity Sequence™️ training program where, in under 2 hours - at your own pace - you will learn the 5 questions and practice applying them.
  • 1-on-1 coaching from the Tidal Equality team.
  • a certificate of completion.
  • ongoing access to the Equity Sequence™ Community.

Tidal Equality is a strategy firm solving the problem of inequality at scale.

At Tidal Equality, we envision a world in which equality is the new status quo and all people can achieve their full potential.

From transformational conversations to transformative change, we equip people and organizations to build equality in radically new ways.

Quest Curriculum

  • 5 Levels
  • Coaching By Tidal Equality
  • Community Support
  • Level 01

    Setting the Stage

    In this level, you will meet our team, and introduce yourself to your community of fellow Equity Sequence™️ learners. You will reflect on how bias and inequality show up in your life and the world around you.

  • Level 02

    Equity Sequence™️

    In this level you'll learn the research-backed Equity Sequence™️ questions in detail, and experience how they can be applied to reduce the bias and increase equity in a case example you can identify with.

  • Level 03


    In this level, you will choose a case study that resonates with you, and you will practice applying the Equity Sequence™️ to that scenario. You will have the opportunity to check in with your community of learners to brainstorm, get support, and share your best ideas.

  • Level 04

    Your Turn

    In this level, you'll have the opportunity to apply the Equity Sequence™️ to your real-life decision-making and problem solving - a plan you're creating, policy you're writing, team you're convening, communication you're drafting, product you're designing - to reduce bias and increase equity.

  • Level 05

    Go Forth!

    In this level, you will reconnect with your community of learners with a future-focus. You will set and/or share your voluntary commitments to action, and take advantage of the opportunity to connect with other learners and our team!

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Success Stories

  • Danielle Ferguson-Shivrattan

    It can be used by anyone!

    "The Equity Sequence™️ is a practical tool that can be used across the entire organization. Staff from any level, any department, and any project can easily utilize the Equity Sequence™️ to ensure we are being as fair and transparent as possible."

  • Geetha Rahupathy

    It can be part of a QA or audit process.

    "It really does provide a framework for those quick decisions that get pushed through. Rarely do people make decisions looking at them from this lens. Wouldn't it be great if everything you launch had to pass the Equity Sequence™️?"

  • Bruce MacDonald

    I can translate intention into action!

    "We often talk about wanting to do things in a particular way, but the realities of busy work kick in and we simply replicate our previous patterns. With the Equity Sequence™️, we can translate that intention into real change by applying the questions in a thoughtful way. The impact of this will be long-term and widespread."

  • Michelle Dulmadge

    I think the questions are excellent!

    "I am in awe of how intuitive the Equity Sequence™️ questions are. They seem to get immediately to the heart of equity and equality. They feel like we should have always known them but have probably never used them. I think people go about 'fixing' bias after it happens instead of considering equity and equality prior to rolling out a policy/process, etc."

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    Equity Sequence™️

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